Data Intelligence Consulting Service

We have extensive experience of working with data projects and aim to offer our clients a first rate consulting service tailored exclusively for your business needs.


Data Intelligence Simplified

This is achieved in 3 steps:

Data Collection

We pride ourselves at managing the vast amounts of data collected by organisations.  This includes creating routines to Extract, Transform and Load data into a central repository from one or more disparate sources.


A good data model simplifies the ability to analyse your data, here we can advise you on utilising the latest technology to help understand your data to manage your business.


The real benefit of data and analytics is the ability to draw rich insights. This empowers you to gain an accurate and deep understanding of the data you are collecting to make key decisions in your business.

Trust us with your data needs

We would like to help you work with your data.  We know how to turn data into information that can help in understanding and uncovering opportunities that may otherwise be missed with unmanaged data.